Maria Bark Pettersson was appointed Group CFO of Elcoline: “My goal is to enable growth with stable and secured processes”


On December 2022, Maria Bark Pettersson was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Elcoline Group. Her daily work at Elcoline AB remained partly unchanged, but it also include new challenges in connection with stable growth and good integration of operations after Elcoline’s expansion to Sweden.

Elcoline’s strong vision inspires

“Implementing new business functions will be easier, because we have now created a way to work with integrations. Elcoline has a very strong vision and it’s impressive to see how everything they do strives to achieve this vision. For me personally, it’s an opportunity to grow and extend my competence in a wider sense”, says Bark Pettersson.

The main focus for Elcoline is to grow and become a Nordic company and to extend the relationships and business with existing customers that have operations in both Sweden and Finland.

“It is really motivating to be in a company that focuses on growth, and my aim is to contribute to making the growth in a stable way and with processes that are secure. Elcoline has a very competent board and management and I feel proud to be part of this organization. Everyone has given both me and the rest of the Swedish team a very warm welcome.”

Bark Pettersson has a long experience of working with finance and management in several different industries – from service business in hotel management to international manufacturing industries and maintenance industries.

“I am very happy to be part of the Elcoline Group in their aim to be a strong Nordic company and I will do my very best to contribute to this achievement. And I also know that all of us in Sweden are very happy to be a part of this growing organization with clear goals forward.”

The Bark Pettersson family lives in a small village and relaxes together by doing sports and travelling

“Training helps me relax and at the same time get stronger. I like group training such as Yoga, HIIT and step. I also run and play golf. We enjoy travelling both in Sweden and abroad and try to spend a couple of weeks in Spain every year”, she says.