The sale of SSG Sahala to Elcoline brings an opportunity to offer customers more comprehensive services


The sale of SSG Sahala to Elcoline Group has received the approval of the competition authority and official confirmation. SSG Sahala is part of Elcoline from 1 March 2024. SSG Sahala will continue to operate as normal as its own business unit.

With the acquisition, Elcoline will employ a total of approximately 800 professionals specialized in industrial technical services in Finland and Sweden. With the merger of expertise and services, the company has a stronger service capability in maintenance, service, installation, and project deliveries as well as industrial manufacturing.

With SSG Sahala, Elcoline’s product family expands to manufacture customer-specific products related to production processes and machines, as well as maintenance services, such as e.g. for heat monitors, steam batteries, data collection and condition monitoring. SSG Sahala’s main customer industries are nuclear power plants, power boiler plants, forest and process industries.

Elcoline will continue strong growth

With the acquisition, Elcoline’s turnover is expected to grow to more than one hundred million euros in 2024, thereby strengthening the company’s position as one of the leading producers of industrial technical services in the Nordics.

The acquisition is part of the company’s long-term growth goals towards the turnover of 250 million euros. Elcoline will therefore continue to implement the growth strategy and seek growth in the future both organically and through acquisitions.

In the future, company will focus even more on serving customers more comprehensively and more widely, both locally and in the Nordic dimension.

Elcoline and SSG Sahala together continue to offer high-quality and customer-oriented services to their industrial customers.

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