Should Goals Be Stated Out Loud?


The year was 2015, and Elcoline Group was a little over 10 years old. Our turnover and staff count had increased and decreased over time without any sort of vision of where we were actually headed. In 2014, our turnover was around four million euros, and the staff consisted of around 50 people. At that point, we started to reflect on what we wanted out of this workplace and company in the long run.

It was perfectly clear to everyone that we wanted to provide excellent technical contractor and maintenance services for the industrial field. What would it take to do just that? We realized that if we wanted to be among the best in the field, we needed to be able to provide diversified technical services to our industrial clients “from the same one-stop shop”—all over the world. We also saw that if we wanted to excel at what we do, we had to expand and take a leap to the next level.

100 New Jobs By 2020

We boldly set goals for 2020. In 2020, we will offer multidisciplinary and comprehensive services to our clients with around 200 employees. This way we can take on projects that are “the right size” and be a worthwhile partner to our clients. We promised to create 100 new jobs in Finland and to reach a turnover of 20 million euros. We also strived to realize a story which, at best, could inspire other entrepreneurs to grow their business and to create jobs. To cement our commitment to these goals, we made them public on our Elcoline Channel on Youtube.

Then we set forth, slowly! It felt as if someone had put a curse on us as soon as we stated our goals publicly. Business was not blooming, and progress was nowhere to be seen. We even started to think that we should have never shared our vision with the world.

But then something happened and a wave of positive turns hit our shore. Over the next few years, we were able to carry out several business acquisitions, and this helped us boost our growth. We have our dedicated team of key personnel and the dozens, and even hundreds, of Elcoline employees to thank for this and for being there first-hand to ensure that our clients—who are essential to everything we do—are satisfied. This year, many Elcoline employees celebrate a 10-year-long career with the company. Some are closing in on that 15-year milestone as well, and we, the founders, have clocked in 16 years of entrepreneurship with Elcoline. A lot has happened along the way. People have developed themselves and matured at the same rate as our company. It can even be said in some cases that the employee and the company grew up together.

To The Next Level

The above mentioned goals were set for the year 2020. Now, in the autumn of 2018, it appears that we will reach our goals much sooner than we had originally thought. Practically speaking, we will hit these marks by the end of this year. Therefore, it is time to look forward to our next milestones. We are we headed? What will we become next? The last time, we quintupled the size of our operations in a few years, and this time we might have something similar in mind. We will share our next goals before this autumn is over. Nevertheless, our guiding principle remains the same: We want to provide excellent technical contractor and maintenance services for the industrial field. We also want to come together to build a company that has the happiest employees and the most satisfied clients. In other words, a company for which people want to work and to which they want to commit for the long run. A company where everyone can be their true selves, reach the next level on their own path, and receive support and encouragement in doing so. This is how we, as a company, climb to the next level.


Jere Räisänen
Chair of the Board of Directors

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