(English) Elcoline have bought significant business unit from General Electric



Media release, Elcoline Plant Service Oy, 2016-07-01.

Elcoline buys significant business unit from General Electric.

Elcoline Plant Service Ltd has made a business transaction with GE Power Service (former Alstom Finland Ltd). Elcoline Plant Service Corporation and GE Power Service have made a business deal in which GE Power Plant Service business 31 permanent and seven temporary employees will be at Elcoline Plant Service Ldt’s service. The business transaction came into effect 2016-07-01. Mr. Pekka Riikonen has been selected as business director of Elcoline Plant Service Oy unit.

Mr. Pekka Riikonen


«We are very satisfied with the transaction. The acquisition with a company such as GE is a significant achievement for us.

The business acquisition supports Elcoline Group Ltd’s strong global growth in various industrial sectors. Elcoline Plant Service Oy line of business is mechanical installations- and welding works for heavy industry.

Earlier Elcoline´s core competence has focused to electrical and automation works. Now we can offer larger scope for our customers. So far the customer feedback has been very rewarding.

We are very proud to announce that today we employ over 130 persons. Creating and saving jobs is very important value for us. The acquisition will also take us forward to achieve our goal, where, in year 2020 Elcoline Group employs over 200 persons.

The new Elcoline Plant Service Ltd unit aims to grow and develop to be the most desirable and best partner for both existing and new customers», said Veli-Matti Ampiala CEO of the Elcoline Group Ltd.

For more information, please contact: Veli-Matti Ampiala, CEO of Elcoline Group Oy, tel +358 40-123 9895.

Elcoline is a Finnish contracting and maintenance company whose clients are both global and Finnish industrial companies including petrochemical, mining, energy, steel, pulp & paper, nuclear power and shipbuilding industries.

Elcoline has been founded in 2002 by the current management of the company.









Veli-Matti AmpialaVeli-Matti Ampiala

Raahe, FINLAND 2016-08-07

Elcoline Group Oy

Mobile +358 (0)40-123 98 95

Kampusranta 9B

60320 Seinäjoki, FINLAND



(English) Elcoline has made a contract with Terrafame Oy


terrafame kuva

Elcoline has made a contract with Terrafame Oy concerning mining area electric and automation service and maintenance. Contract is for 3+1 years.
”We believe to the future of this mine and we will make significant invests to the long-term co-work. Contract has great positive influence to our employment for current employees. Also we will recruit local personnel from the near by mine area to work in positions concerning this contract and in other Elcoline Group’s duties.”


Elcoline Group Oy

CEO Veli-Matti Ampiala


(English) New Global maintenance contract




Elcoline has new significant global maintenance contract in marine industry. Contract started yesterday with special training session held in Finland. «Due this contract our certified maintenance personnel will travel to maintenance targets e.g. Caribic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and Arctic Ocean.»

Veli-Matti Ampiala

Elcoline Group CEO


Взаимовыгодное сотрудничество между ”Elcoline” и Университетом прикладных наук Савония


”Elcoline”  и Университет прикладных наук Савония теперь сотрудничают в целях

улучшения развития компании. Студентам университета была предоставлена возможность поучаствовать в проекте, чтобы дать им возможность получить навыки работы в компании такого уровня в то время, как ”Elcoline” получила множество полезных идей, предложенных студентами. Более 50 студентов участвовали в различных проектах в то время, как некоторые из них получили возможность работать на ”Elcoline” в будущем.

Rauman toimiston uusi osoite


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