Everyone Is Responsible for Safety and Quality


Quality and Safety Director Anu Perttula is in charge of HSEQ matters (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) for Elcoline Plant Service’s projects. Her job includes, for example, safety tours at project sites, drafting risk assessments and emergency plans, and reacting to the staff’s needs regarding quality and safety. The mission is to prevent accidents and close calls by working together with the entire staff.

Anu Perttula started at Elcoline in her position as quality and safety director in April 2019. The best part of her first year on the job has been the chance to visit worksites.

“I’ve been able to go on numerous safety tours with our sites’ managers, and I’ve seen what Elcoline’s technicians actually do. It has provided me with insights that are valuable when drafting risk assessments, emergency plans, and project documentation,” says Perttula.

Perttula’s duties also include maintaining, implementing, and intra-organizational auditing of Elcoline Group’s management systems, such as the quality and environmental systems as well as health and safety systems. Furthermore, she assists business directors in recognizing and managing risks and opportunities.

“I’ve worked as a quality engineer for almost a decade in different companies, but managing whole systems is a new challenge for me. I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of experience under my belt over the years, so I’m confident in my skills and hence not overwhelmed by all this,” Perttula notes, with a chuckle.

“It’s also been easy to join this work community. Elcoline employs a diverse group of experienced veterans and up-and-comers, but everyone’s brought together by a shared openness. I’ve always been able to ask someone for help if there’s something on my mind.”

Every Pair of Eyes Is Needed to Observe Safety Concerns

Following Perttula’s arrival at Elcoline, quality and safety matters have been developed, for example, through a personnel survey that is accessible on mobile devices and with the CEO’s monthly staff letters.

“We strive to react to the personnel survey’s findings as swiftly as possible. For instance, we have offered additional training to supervisors based on the survey’s findings in order to equip them with the necessary skills. To improve organizational communication, we started sending out a monthly letter from the CEO, and one part of it involves giving the staff tips and guidelines regarding quality and safety. Now that the COVID-19 virus has driven us to change the way we operate, the importance of organizational communication is even more apparent, and we have increased communication in many ways,” Perttula explains.

Over the last year, Elcoline has also refined its processes to utilize workers in observing safety matters. Every pair of eyes is needed to best prevent accidents and close calls.

“The main prerequisite for successfully working on quality and safety is to have the management committed to it. When implementing new operational models, leading by example is key. As far as safety is concerned, everyone is definitely on the same page. It’s also essential to cooperate with stakeholders and clients so that everyone’s observations and views are heard,” Perttula continues.

The long-term goal for Elcoline is to introduce a constant improvement model to daily operations. In the near future, the focus will be placed on unifying the way in which different units approach quality and safety.

“Implementation and familiarization are more easily achieved when, for example, documents and plans are in line with each other and everyone operates the same way,” Perttula concludes.

Anu Perttula
Quality and Safety Director