“Elcoline manages its share of Parmaco projects with professionalism and on schedule” – Maarit Auvinen, Technical Director, Parmaco

Tehtaankatu School on the shores of Eira in Helsinki, run by Parmaco and Elcoline. Photo: Elcoline

Parmaco manufactures and rents out mobile and convertible buildings, such as schools and kindergartens. The collaboration between Parmaco and Elcoline has started in 2014.

– Elcoline is a partner who solves problems for us in order to achieve a sensible result. That’s a big advantage. A long common history gives us the competence to tell us what we should develop in our own operations, says Maarit Auvinen, Parmaco’s technical director.

Parmaco and Elcololine have an extensive partnership agreement for the plants and an agreement for site installations. Elcoline’s employees contract at Parmaco’s house factories in Leppävirta and Pyhäjoki. The service includes both design and implementation, as well as the procurement of materials. As an HVAC contractor, Elcoline will participate with Parmaco throughout the life cycle of the building, from the bidding phase to the handover to the customer and its transfer to the next customer.

– Elcoline has developed our operations in the bidding process. Our own operations have become entrenched and we have gained a lot of new practices on how to take the offer phase forward, Auvinen says.

The projects are carried out according to a tight schedule

Auvinen is pleased with Elcoline’s professionalism and reliability.

– Keeping the schedule is really important in our business because projects are carried out with a tight schedule. Elcoline, for example, does well with material procurement. You do not have to worry about whether the power stations, for example, arrive on time for production, praises Auvinen.

– The construction of building modules is not very widespread. Therefore, this information can not be found in every single contractor. Elcoline handles its own part in projects with a good attitude and professionalism, he concludes.

Remote monitoring is the future

Elcoline’s services to Parmaco include a lifecycle management service for buildings and remote monitoring. With the help of remote monitoring, the condition of the building can also be monitored from the other side of Finland. This ensures that a building’s life cycle is not interrupted prematurely. The system monitors that the customer and the end user have good and healthy conditions. You do not have to go and look at a possible error first and then fix it, but you can find out at once.

Auvinen sees opportunities in the service, especially in the future.

– The possibility for building users to influence the operation and energy consumption of building services will certainly be emphasized in the future. The remote monitoring and management of the buildings will be taken forward and expanded, he says.

In the future, building conditions such as temperature and carbon dioxide levels can be observed and managed remotely.

The challenge is system compatibility. The systems must be functional for the current user of the building, the potential next customer, and meet Parmaco’s own needs for space management. Different users are happy with different system vendors. A pilot project is currently underway between Elcoline and Parmaco at the Leppävirta office to test the system itself. At the same time, this serves as a showcase for customers where they can get a taste of what they can expect.

Elcoline has solid experience of total LVISA deliveries

Elcoline’s largest project to date is the 3,700 square meter school, kindergarten and dining complex completed in 2019 in Keimolanmäki, Vantaa, and the 3,650 square meter school, dining and gymnastics complex for Helsinki Tehtaankatu School, which was completed in 2020. Elcoline participated also in the HVAC installations of the 6,000 square meter school building in Mukkula, Lahti. The company’s total HVAC deliveries and life cycle service are suitable for both building properties and industrial building services.