Maintenance of Vaisala Road Weather Stations

Vaisala has supplied weather stations for monitoring road conditions for over 30 years. Road weather information systems (RWIS) provide information on the condition of the road and runway surfaces vital to the winter maintenance of roads and airports.  Vaisala RWIS stations collect information in the atmosphere and on the road/runway surfaces and provide images of the same.

In 2014, we started looking for a reliable partner to assume responsibility for the maintenance of our road weather stations. Maintaining the stations is a complex task that requires precision and advanced professional skills. We selected Elcoline because of its extensive experience, reliability and fine track record.

Elcoline soon proved to be worth our trust and even developed an operating system for the use of project materials. We are happy with out choice and do not hesitate to recommend Elcoline for other complex projects.

Petteri Leppänen, Sales Manager
Vaisala Group