Combining Studies and Work Was Encouraged at Elcoline


“I work as a supervisor at Elcoline Construction’s Pyhäjoki unit. Alongside my work, I study in a multiform learning program to become a Bachelor of Engineering in building services engineering. The combination takes some work, but the employer-employee cooperation has proven flexible on both sides.

I started working at Construction as an HVAC technician in 2017. The Pyhäjoki unit had just been established, and I was among its first employees. The new unit provided opportunities to take on more responsibility, and I took them, advancing into a supervisor position in 2019. Starting my studies was a natural continuation to my path of career development. My supervisor agreed with me and encouraged me to enroll.

Elcoline has gone through notable developments over the three years that I’ve been at the company. Service areas have been expanded, and we’re on a steep upwards trajectory. It presents many opportunities for the workers as well. Those willing to seize new opportunities will have the option to do so here.”

No Old-School Vibes

“The atmosphere at Elcoline has always been very open and encouraging. For example, asking about combining my studies and work didn’t make me the least bit anxious. The work atmosphere has been upfront and fair all the way through, and there have been no old-school vibes or detached corner office leadership. We have a nice and youthful crew in Pyhäjoki, and it’s one of the pros of the job.

The most challenging part about being a supervisor is the hectic nature of the work. My duties include getting to know future sites, making purchases, managerial work, and resource planning. The key is to stay on top of everything, predict possible issues, and try to solve them.

The best part is when things go smoothly, and you know you’ve contributed to it in one way or another. It offers a sense of accomplishment when worksites that are large and challenging from a production standpoint turn out well thanks to a team effort, and you get to see the results of your work. When your job entails both power and responsibility, you get to make it your own, more or less.”

Henri Niku
Elcoline Construction Oy