Mikael Strömberg, Surfactor: Elcoline has provided us with maintenance services as well as insights and tips in safety matters

Team Leader Olli Kurki, Senior Operator Jukka Nuutinen, Operations Manager Eino Kuronen and Surfactor CEO Mikael Strömberg in front of a rewinder at the factory. Photo: Surfactor

The roots of the cooperation between Elcoline and Surfactor run deep. The same staff has handled maintenance at Surfactor for as long as two decades. Surfactor CEO Mikael Strömberg says that Elcoline is a reliable partner that provides assistance and insight, where needed. According to Strömberg, the expertise in Siemens logistics, regular meetings and the successful completion of additional tasks and projects provide added value alongside maintenance services.

Surfactor is an international company that operates in Kitee, developing and manufacturing a variety of coatings for the plywood industry.

Outsourcing the maintenance frees up time to focus on core activities

Elcoline handles maintenance, preventive maintenance, modifications and quick repairs at the Surfactor factory. Maintenance technicians are present on a daily basis, and resources are added as needed, in the context of large factory outages twice a year, for example. Short-term projects related to various aspects, such as process and safety development as well as investments, are also agreed upon separately.

According to Strömberg, the most valuable thing about the cooperation is the ability to entrust full responsibility for maintenance to an expert in the field.

“We are a small organization that is focused on efficient production, product development and sales. We can always count on Elcoline to handle the factory maintenance, enabling us to concentrate on developing our own business operations. Maintenance is among Elcoline’s core areas,” Strömberg says.

Elcoline provides occupational safety tips and troubleshooting resources

Due to Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine, Surfactor has been forced to adapt its production and maintenance activvities. Still, Strömberg says that negotiations have led to sound agreements with Elcoline.

“Help and customer services has been readily available from Elcoline’s factory organization and higher hierarchical levels. In addition to maintenance, we have also gained support and insight with regard to safety. We share information both ways,” Strömberg says.

“One of Elcoline’s excellent customer services is the organizing of quarterly meetings. They involve exchanging statistics, information and feedback,” he continues.

Strömberg finds the expertise in Siemens software as another source of added value.

“We worked on this for quite some time, but we eventually gained a great source for the purpose from Varkaus. Automation development and understanding Siemens logics are important to us, which is why we appreciate Elcoline being able to handle these areas,” he says.

Strömberg recommends Elcoline’s maintenance services for industrial operators in need of a reliable partner.

“Separate projects supplement Elcoline’s maintenance service. Projects and daily challenges can be handled with ease with the help of the local work supervisor,” Strömberg says, praising the services.