Interesting projects promote employees’ careers


Key Account Manager Tero Kopola has been working for Elcoline Construction at Leppävirta, Finland, since 2016. Tero joined the Elcoline design team even before graduating B.Sc.

– My first assignment at Elcoline was to implement a real estate automation project for Kuopio University Hospital. It was a very enjoyable start to an engineer’s career says Tero Kopola with a smile.

Tero is currently working on a number of school and daycare centre construction projects conducted by Elcoline Construction. His work tasks include project management, work supervision, electrification design, offer calculations and material acquisitions. His work job description has expanded and become increasingly versatile.

“Solving problems is my thing.”

Elcoline invests in the development of its employees’ careers. Employees are given responsibility, provided that they are willing to accept it.

– New challenges and work tasks have always interested me. I want to learn new things and utilise my competence and capacity to the maximum. In my view, it is important to retain a close contact with electrical engineering when assuming new, more extensive responsibilities in one’s work.

– One of the best elements in electrification design is that you can see the results of your design as functional solutions in ready-made buildings. There are new challenges to rise to every day, and this requires the capacity to solve technical problems, plus the ability to put applications into practice, as well as creativity. I also enjoy the close cooperation with construction designers, HEVAC designers and architectural designers.

We never lay down our work gloves in front of challenges

Elcoline is currently in the process of vigorous growth, and the company has extended its business into new branches without prejudice.

– Elcoline sometimes makes surprising employment offers to bold and curious job seekers. We encourage people to study and experiment, and support their career advancement.

When Elcoline Construction is engaged in a project, none of the team members ever lay down their work gloves in front of the challenge at hand, however difficult it may appear to be. Tero appreciates his colleagues’ solution-centred and energetic work attitude and assumes this stems from the company’s workplace atmosphere.

The employees’ well-being is supported by a comprehensive package of occupational health services. The working hours are flexible, enabling people to complete their studies during employment, for example. The workplace atmosphere is relaxed, pleasant and encouraging.

Tero Kopola
Key Account Manager