Elcoline and Savonia University of Applied Sciences does intencive development co-operation


Elcoline Oy and Savonia University of Applied Sciences does intencive co-operation when Elcoline is doing growth and internationalization. Students’ of Savonia has been part of real development projects which has been given them more capability to work in internalizationing company. At the same time company has got usefull information to help its growth. Elcoline and Savonia has done remarkable co-operation in short time and due that over 50 student’s has been part of company’s development projects during years 2012-2013.

Some of student’s has also received work from Elcoline. Elcoline and Savonia does also co-operation in professional services. Company has taken part for eg. Companies’ internationalization know-how -project, tells lecturer Anneli Savolainen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Savolainen reminds importance of company partners to Savonia telling that when with company partners receive level of co-operation like Elcoline has done both students and company receive benefits of co-operation.