Elcoline Group Acquires Power Plant Boiler Manufacturer SVS Supervise Service Oy


“The machine shop and the staff’s new line of expertise help us provide more comprehensive services to our clients.”

Industrial maintenance service provider Elcoline Group keeps growing at a brisk pace, acquiring power plant boiler manufacturing, installation, and maintenance enterprise SVS Supervise Service Oy. As a result of faster-than-projected organic growth and this acquisition, Elcoline’s sales will exceed 30 million euros this year, and the company will soon employ over 300 people. The merger means that Elcoline’s service profile will now include power plant boiler manufacturing.

2018 National Entrepreneur Award winner Elcoline Group seeks rapid growth both organically and through several acquisitions. The company’s goal is to grow, reach a revenue of 100 million euros, and create 300 new jobs in Finland over the next five years.

“Our clients want more comprehensive service packages and to work with large, reliable enterprises. SVS Supervise Service’s expertise and the machine shop in Voikkaa are the ideal addition to our services. This deal ushers us to the next echelon of expertise and enterprise size in terms of, for example, industrial standstill situations,” says Elcoline Group CEO Leif Backman.

SVS Supervise Service is a well-established business with a long history in Finland’s Kymenlaakso region, and the company’s major clients include power plants in Southern Finland and the area’s paper industry. The SVS acquisition promotes Elcoline’s presence and business in the Kymenlaakso area and provides the company with a new service line in boiler manufacturing and maintenance.

“Maintenance processes by and large include repairs and installing new equipment. An active machine shop gives us more control over the whole delivery chain. Our clients benefit from these full-service deliveries in terms of quality, faster processing, and savings through reduced costs. At the moment, SVS’s machines and production lines serve those who need boilers, but we’re already looking into expanding these operations to new lines of service,” explains Backman.

SVS Supervise Service will continue operations under their established brand as part of Elcoline Group.

Elcoline is gaining momentum on the recruitment front

Elcoline’s and SVS’s complementing services and operational environments made for a smooth merger. A founding member of SVS, CEO Markku Korpivaara also notes that a search for someone to keep the company in action has recently become relevant.

“I am very happy to see that our operations will continue together with a steadily growing enterprise in Elcoline. We complement each other well, and this opens up new avenues of growth for us. It’s also worthwhile to note that Elcoline has been very successful in building their employer profile, which can be seen in easily achieved hirings in a challenging industry,” says Korpivaara.

To Elcoline, recruitment is one of the company’s core processes. There is a strong effort to invest in employees by providing a good range of training and career opportunities. A lot of attention is given to finding the most skilled people and persons with significant potential, as Elcoline is committed to creating 300 new jobs by 2023.

“Competent people make for a successful company. It’s one of our passions and an honor to help skilled people grow and advance in their careers. Elcoline is constantly developing employees’ skill sets, and this acquisition further expands possible career paths in Finland and abroad,” notes Backman.

Photo: Leif Backman (on the left) and Markku Korpivaara.

For further information:

Elcoline Group
Leif Backman, CEO
Tel. +358 43 824 3460

SVS Supervise Service Oy
Markku Korpivaara, CEO
Tel. +358 40 526 1695


Established in 2002, Elcoline Group is an industrial maintenance and contracting enterprise. The company provides, for example, electrical and automation installations, HVAC installations, instrumentation, welding services for pressurized pipelines, mechanical maintenance, and design and consulting services for the aforementioned fields. The group’s operations are divided into four operative subsidiaries: Elcoline Plant Service Oy, Elcoline Construction Oy, Elcoline Piping Oy, and Elcoline Oy. Clients include international industrial enterprises in mining, the chemical and petrochemical field, pulp and paper, electricity generation, the maritime industry, metal, and construction. The company employs over 200 professionals at contract sites across the globe. In 2018, Elcoline’s turnover was around 20 million euros.

Operating from Voikkaa in Kouvola, Finland, SVS Supervise Service Oy is company specializing in manufacturing, installing, repairing, and maintaining industrial boilers’ pressure parts since 1996. The enterprise has a wealth of experience, wide-ranging expertise, and a comprehensive selection of machines to handle any kind of work within the industry. SVS’s clientele consists of Finland’s energy industry’s largest plant suppliers, power plants, and major producers of paper, cardboard, and pulp. The company’s products and services are used all over the world. SVS employs 60 professionals and has a turnover of over 6 million euros.