Elcoline Construction Shows Punctuality in Building Services Engineering


Parmaco manufactures transportable, for-rent box unit buildings and works closely with Elcoline Construction in electrical and HVAC planning. At the Messukylä school site, Elcoline Construction’s role as a comprehensive building services supplier was larger than previously.

Elcoline Construction was in charge of electrical planning as well as HVAC and electrical contracting at the Messukylä school. Parmaco Project Manager Samuli Björninen sees the close cooperation as a success story all the way through. The construction project was finished on time, and students have been attending school in brand new buildings since last autumn.

“The schedule is very tight at sites like the Messukylä school. Once the excavator bucket touches the ground, we have about four months to completely finish the building. On this site, we managed to stay right on schedule, despite some unexpected changes to our original plans and extra work,” Björninen explains.

Completing Work According to Plan Is the Greatest Success

Half of the prefabricated box units were manufactured at the Pyhäjoki factory, and the other half in Leppävirta. The box units had both HVAC systems and electrical systems pre-installed off-site.

“Our principle is to get the box units through as many building stages as possible at the factory so that we can mainly focus on connecting everything, placing cables, and installing low-current systems at the site. This reduces the length of the more expensive on-site construction phase.”

“We’ve been working together for a long time, and we’ve built a strong mutual trust. The people at Elcoline Construction have taken care of their responsibilities punctually, and they’ve produced high-quality outcomes.  We had solid communication throughout, and I was always up-to-date on how things were coming along. Our highest priorities are quality and staying on schedule, and both aspects came together great in this project. This is the type of project one can be very happy with.”