Elcoline Construction LTD

Established in 2012, Elcoline Construction Ltd is a subsidiary of Elcoline Group Ltd that employs some 25 people. The company’s main business area is contracting and maintenance and its principal customers are companies engaged in construction.

Elcoline Construction Ltd specialises in heating, water supply, ventilation, electricity, automation and refrigeration systems and construction services including design, installation, servicing and maintenance.

Our reference projects include:

On 2014, Elcoline Construction acquired the electrical installation operations of Parmaco Production’s Plant in Leppävirta.

Elcoline Construction is responsible for electrical and automation installations at Parmaco’s production facility in Leppävirta including electrical design, purchasing of electrical installation materials, warehousing and product development in its field of responsibility.

As of 2017, Elcoline Construction will also assume responsibility for heating, plumbing and ventilation installations and related design services at Parmaco’s Pyhäjoki Plant.Muokkaa

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Business Unit Director

Simo Nissinen

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