Anders Karlén became CEO of Elcoline AB in January”Our growth is enabled by competent personnel who enjoy their work”


Anders Karlén started as CEO of Elcoline Sweden operations at the beginning of the year. Previously, he worked as Business Controller and was responsible for HSEQ and IT matters at Elcoline.

Karlén has a versatile background from finance, purchasing and logistics tasks in the technology sector, for example at Stora Enso Timber’s sawmill, Nordic Paper and Barilla Sverige AB. He also has a degree from the University of Karlstad, where the main focus of his studies was economics and mathematics.

“Practical work experience helps to better understand customer needs and their operating environment. With the acquisition and Elcoline Group’s customers, a new market opens up for us. We are now focusing on directing our resources to serve all our customers operating in the Nordic countries locally and more comprehensively,” says Karlén.

As managing director he considers his most important task is to invest in personnel to ensure customer satisfaction and to enable growth and increase profitability. Without a well-being, motivated and competent staff, it would not be possible to achieve these goals.

“I am impressed by the company’s growth and plans for the future. Nice to work closely with the owners of the company. My focus is to make the employees want to stay long time and enjoy working for Elcoline. Our goal is to increase our resources with the right expertise in-house. Our employees made 2022 really good and I am 100% sure that we will be even better in 2023!”

Although the new role brings more responsibility, “a fancy career” has never been Kárlens’ main interest.

“My main motivator is fun and challenging work, which I believe will come true at Elcoline. I am pleased that the owners believe in me as CEO, the position is likely to be a great challenge and also give me personal growth. The new role means much more interaction with the board and our Finnish colleagues. Part of the operational work will remain unchanged, and so will the management team as well,” Kárlen says. 

In his free time, Anders recharges his batteries at the summer cottage on the shore of Lake Vänern with his family and enjoys being in nature.

“The cottage is my ten-year development project. I want to be at sea with my boat in the summer and ski in the mountains in the winter. I also try to exercise by running, but always too rarely,” he laughs.